007: Agents at War007: The Series007: Timothy Bond
007 Fanon Wiki008 (Literary)A Kiss Always Kills
Alec Trevelyan (AAW)Alec Trevelyan (Tom Hardy)Andrew Clark, Jr.
Anya Amasova (AAW)Barbara Brand (Kate Beckinsale)Bishop's Gate
Colin HunterColin Hunter (Robert Downey Jr.)Death has no remorse
Edward Whitehall (Benedict Cumberbatch)Ernst Stavro Blofeld (AAW)Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Mark Strong)
Forever Is to Die ForFrancisco Scaramanga (AAW)Francisco Scaramanga (Jason Isaacs)
GoldenEye (Michael Fassbender)GoreJack McClory (Christian Bale)
James Bond (AAW)Jonathan CapeJustice Is Never Enough (1)
Kenneth Whitehall (Matt Smith)Mr. Kiel (Kevin Durand)Once Upon A Spy
Operation OverlordOutkillPietro Spang
QuantumEye (Michael Fassbender)Raoul Silva (AAW)Sean Fleming (Michael Fassbender)
Skyfall 2 : Everything Ways (film 2017)
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